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2022 September Semester
Jul 05, 2022
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CPSC 281 - Data Structures I
Topics include: Program performance, data representation, arrays and matrices, lists, stacks and queues, skip lists and hashing, binary trees, balanced and B-trees, AVL trees, splay trees, tree traversals using stacks, expression trees, prefix, infix, and postfix expressions and conversions, priority queues and heaps, search trees, Huffman codes, graphs, graph algorithms (weighted and unweighted shortest-path, Dijkstra's algorithm, critical paths), minimum-cost spanning trees (Prim's, Kruskal's, and Solin's algorithms). Implementation of various data structures using object-oriented programming language.
Credits: 3.000

Levels: Undergraduate
Schedule Types: Lecture, Final Exam, Laboratory


Green prerequisites must be completed before registering in this course

Red prerequisites can be taken concurrently with this course

Magenta co-requisites must be taken at the same time as this course

CPSC 200 Minimum Grade of C-

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