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Welcome to the UNBC Scholarship, Bursary and Awards Guide

Use this guide to review a listing of scholarships, bursaries and awards offered at UNBC, the selection criteria and application periods for the academic year.

* Additional information regarding the awards criteria, program, award amount and application instructions is available by clicking on each award name.

* The information in this guide is subject to change and the availability of funds.

Information and instructions for applying for UNBC Awards is available on the Awards and Financial Web page.

Award Detail Information
Name: UNBC Doctoral Tuition Award
Type: Graduate Awards
Selection Process: Selection is made by the Research & Innovation Office
Application Method: Must apply for Graduate Admission
Apply To:  
Award Criteria: Value: Equivalent to the value of tuition for eligible doctoral students for two years, renewable for two additional years.

Number: Variable

Eligibility: The award is available to full-time students entering a doctoral program at UNBC for the first time. All successful applicants to doctoral programs will receive the award.

Criteria: Students demonstrating academic proficiency, which is a GPA equivalent to or greater than 3.33, will receive the tuition waiver.

Students must maintain academic proficiency and normally must have passed the appropriate doctoral candidacy examination within two years of initial registration in order to renew the award.

Note: The Doctoral Tuition Award provides a two-year tuition waiver to incoming students and in order to keep the award, the student must produce a timeline for completion of their degree by the end of their first year. The award may be extended for a further two years if the student passes the appropriate candidacy examination.

Established 2016, Revised 2021
Accept Applications?: No
Application Requires Additional Documentation?: No
Code: 5091

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Release: 9.1.4