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Welcome to the UNBC Scholarship, Bursary and Awards Guide

Use this guide to review a listing of scholarships, bursaries and awards offered at UNBC, the selection criteria and application periods for the academic year.

* Additional information regarding the awards criteria, program, award amount and application instructions is available by clicking on each award name.

* The information in this guide is subject to change and the availability of funds.

Information and instructions for applying for UNBC Awards is available on the Awards and Financial Web page.

Award Detail Information
Name: President's Silver Anniversary Award for Excellence in Leadership
Type: Early Entrance Awards
Selection Process: Recipient selection is made by the Awards Office/SCSB
Application Method: On-line Application
Apply To: Awards and Financial Aid Office
Award Criteria: This prestigious undergraduate award recognizes and rewards excellence through leadership in civic, athletic, philanthropic, and environmental fields. Recipients will have experience in leadership upon admission to UNBC and continuing on through their campus life through contributions to student life, undergraduate research, community outreach or other endeavors. With the President’s contribution, this is now the highest value internally funded award made by UNBC.
Donor: The University of Northern British Columbia and the University President.
Value: $6,000, renewable at $5,500 for up to three additional consecutive years.
Number: Two
Eligibility: Available to full-time undergraduate students commencing a course of studies at UNBC for the first time.
Criteria: Demonstrated leadership and satisfactory academic standing.
Application Instructions: Complete the "UNBC Leadership (new undergraduates)" Online Awards Application Form and have two referees submit a reference letter via awards@unbc.ca. Referees are third parties who can attest to your strong leadership abilities in the classroom and/or community.
Notes: i) The same reference letters can be used to support other UNBC awards so referees only need to submit them once via awards@unbc.ca. ii) This award is renewable subject to the recipient maintaining an annual GPA of at least 2.00 and engaging in ongoing leadership activities. Prior to renewal, the recipient will be asked to provide verification of such activities via awards@unbc.ca.
Established 2015
Recipient Selection: SCSB upon recommendation by the UNBC Recruitment Office.
Accept Applications?: Yes
Application Requires Additional Documentation?: Yes
Applications Accepted: Oct 15, 2021 to Jan 15, 2022
Code: 5083

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