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Welcome to the UNBC Scholarship, Bursary and Awards Guide

Use this guide to review a listing of scholarships, bursaries and awards offered at UNBC, the selection criteria and application periods for the academic year.

* Additional information regarding the awards criteria, program, award amount and application instructions is available by clicking on each award name.

* The information in this guide is subject to change and the availability of funds.

Information and instructions for applying for UNBC Awards is available on the Awards and Financial Web page.

Award Detail Information
Name: SCWIST - Michael Smith Scholarship
Type: In-Course Undergraduate Awards
Selection Process: Recipient selection is made by the College/Faculty
Application Method: On-line Application
Apply To: Awards and Financial Aid Office
Award Criteria: Dr. Michael Smith, 1993 winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, gifted one-quarter of his award to SCWIST. In recognition of his outstanding achievement and generosity SCWIST established this award to provide support and encouragement for women pursuing educational programs in science and related fields.
Donor: The Society for Canadian Women in Science and Technology (SCWIST)
Value: $500, plus one year SCWIST membership
Number: One
Eligibility: Available to a female student who has completed at least 60 credit hours towards a Bachelor of Science degree program.
Criteria: Academic excellence with consideration given to career aspirations, community service and personal challenges.
Application Instructions: Complete the community service/career goals section of the application form.
Note: The College will review the applications and nominate the recipient.
Endowed 1995
Accept Applications?: Yes
Application Requires Additional Documentation?: Yes
Applications Accepted: Oct 15, 2020 to Mar 01, 2021
Code: 0784

Applies to Programs
Program Name
BSC Chemistry
BSc (Hon) NRM Wildlife & Fish
BSc (Honours) Biology
BSc (Honours) Computer Science
BSc Biochem & Molecular Biol
BSc Biology
BSc Computer Science
BSc Environmental Science
BSc Environmentl Planning
BSc Forest Ecology & Mgmt
BSc Geography
BSc NRM (Wildlife & Fisheries)
BSc Wildlife and Fisheries
Bachelor of Sc (Integrated)
Bachelor of Science (General)

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